Grateful for all the things in you’re life. Grateful for all the pain you’ve suffered..grateful for all the happiness you’ve achieved, grateful for all the challenges you’ve have faced..grateful for…life itself It makes you believe in you’re self.

It makes you feel like you can do anything in the worlds. As if nothing can stand in you’re way. Even if people try to stop you, they will always lose. You will always succeed..even if you fail. That’s what life is. Sometimes it makes u feel useless, other times it makes you feel strong..we are all humans. We together make a great team.

We are united. Loved ones, enemies, haters, bullies, we are all humans. The people that don’t have a heart are the ones that has it broken. The kindest people are the ones that suffered the most. In the end we are all just suicidal kids. But that’s just life. All the things we are grateful grateful for us. The ones we hate are actually the ones we love. We together can do anything. That’s what we are. We are..unstoppable. The world won’t exists forever. We won’t live forever. So make the most of you’re life. Treasure it. Love it. Be grateful for it because if you don’t.

Sometimes it will be too late..even if you think you still have time. You won’t like it..until you try it. So be you’re self. That’s the greatest thing you could EVER do.

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